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So most of you didnt mention one thing: UAE has the most Expat Chittagong-ians and PCL hosting in Sarajah is an attempt to pull those crowds. UAE to Chittagong is London to Sylhet. If they can have 'Dhalliwood' awards in Sarjah and that's a sold-out event,, they can sure try the PCL to be hosted there. Who knows?

Nevertheless, I think more than the grounds, its an attempt to create a 'shock'. If IPL can move to South Africa, so can PCL move to Sarjah. The latter can create more hoopla as T20 is perfect fit for Sarjah crowd if there are Pakistani/Indian players in the fold. The real question is whether ICC will grant that permission and will the UAE Board give PCL the grounds.

Its interesting that Chittagong did it or tried to do it,,, what happend to Dhaka Metropoliton Comm? Why didnt they attempt such thing? Nevertheless,,, we wish this league good luck whether its in Sarjah or Shantahar!!
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