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Originally Posted by Sohel
I was a Liverpool supporter when I followed the English game during the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Stopped following the English league altogether once the decline started and Gaffa's fluke wins here and there couldn't bring me back. Now the team has managed to become even less than mediocre and I won't at all be surprised to see them relegated within a couple of years max. There has been nothing substantial in the pipeline since Owen/Gerard and the bizarre way money is spent at the club (buys, trades and loans) doesn't generate much hope. At least Dhaka Mohamedan Sporting Club stays in our pitiful "top" flight.
Absolutely no chance of Liverpool being relegated, they aren't an elite side atm...but they are comfortably upper midtable.

They'll finish 6th/7th this season, and make their way back to the Top 4 in the next 3 seasons. Way too much money and support for it to be anything else.

United - richest club in the world
City - richest owners in the world(so in a way richest club)
Chelsea - Roman's toy
Arsenal - nearly paid off the stadium debt, so they'll start to spend over the upcoming seasons
Tottenham - just aren't a big club, they have pretensions of being a big club, but it's always 1 step forward and 2 back for them.

So that leaves us with Liverpool - historically a giant, but a joke now. But the new owners have spent 130mil or so in the transfer market so far...they have a new manager in with a long term plan. They'll either build a new stadium or expand AnFAILED, so increased revenue.

It's fun to laugh at Liverpool, and I would love for them to cease to exist(as I do with pakistan), but they'll be back amongst the elite in Europe within the next 5 seasons.
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