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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
Absolutely no chance of Liverpool being relegated, they aren't an elite side atm...but they are comfortably upper midtable.

They'll finish 6th/7th this season, and make their way back to the Top 4 in the next 3 seasons. Way too much money and support for it to be anything else.

United - richest club in the world
City - richest owners in the world(so in a way richest club)
Chelsea - Roman's toy
Arsenal - nearly paid off the stadium debt, so they'll start to spend over the upcoming seasons
Tottenham - just aren't a big club, they have pretensions of being a big club, but it's always 1 step forward and 2 back for them.

So that leaves us with Liverpool - historically a giant, but a joke now. But the new owners have spent 130mil or so in the transfer market so far...they have a new manager in with a long term plan. They'll either build a new stadium or expand AnFAILED, so increased revenue.

It's fun to laugh at Liverpool, and I would love for them to cease to exist(as I do with pakistan), but they'll be back amongst the elite in Europe within the next 5 seasons.
if daglish didnot waste that much money last year for bringing some mediocore player, liverpool would have in much better position this year... They are still suffering for that.. I guess thats the reason rodgers didnot get all the player he wanted.. But what they really need is now a goal pocher like higuain,falcao or chicharito..

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