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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
I don't practice yoga. But we had to do stretches before games. It's good, your body needs it.

Also, I will tell you, this, every episode of hiccups I ever got, I was able to stop it just by focusing on my breath.
The one I had is an EXPERIENCE. After all homey, pure California packaging esse.

Dim lights in dark room, slight incense or aromatherapy, Buddha Bar like chill new age music and no frills of religion.. BEAUTIFUL. I once did some gym yoga and a different stretching yoga but this is by far the best.

Two things I noticed (Same with my sensory deprivation experience).. IT ALWAYS addresses the bodily and psychic pains and heals the emotional trauma. Again I was suppressing my chronic back and shoulder pain and every time I meditated and did yoga it always brought it out from darkness.

But reason I like this one is because two days in a row I entered self-realization mode peaking at the end of session. Kinda like runner's high, rather yogic sat-chit-ananda.

Now you know why in my link Joe Rogan said he would pick yoga over weed gun pointed?

Personally I was very very skeptical and wanted to do yoga for benefits. But you DO enter a state of deep bliss after 25 minutes of huffing and puffing and stretching and discomfort.

It's almost kinda like clocking in or buying an epiphany experience. LOVE IT!
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