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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
Oh,ok, I see.

That link did not work. But I watch JRE podcasts on the reg. So I'll find that part doing a youtube search.

If you really want a spiritual experience though, why not try psychedelics?
The link should work. Try [Joe Rogan "Is Bikram Yoga a weird cult?"] on YouTube.

You need to turn off family mode off. LOL!

Well here is the thing with psychedelics.. some people in Silicone Valley microdose, but imagine taking bits of LSD but every night. So obviously you can't be doing acid everyday, so for a routine and discipline and to reach cosmic heights SAFELY every night, imo yoga is a better alternative.

Pertinent discussion that is abuzz and alight on fire online:

But Roey you know what I think? My urge to avoid psychs is mainly from self-righteousness and guilt consciousness.
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