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Originally Posted by Orpheus
This was done to facilitate the sell of tickets. Cricket world cup is not like football worldcup, if your country is not playing.. you hardly care....

that is the reason they fixed the's actually to help out their customers. The names are publised in parenthesis so stupid ppl don't have to figure out....

For example, ppl are still thinking there migth be a Pak vs India second round match... they are not realizing it will be Pak/Zim? vs SL/BD regardless of group position.
ICC and WICB have definitely made the match's money just by selling the TV rights and other endorsements , the sale of tickets .. a few 100 thou dollars shldn't matter much.

hahahaha, if we still think ICC cares much about facilitating the respective countries supporters to be in the ground.. well shldnt we think again !

Infact i would think this is more mis-leading to the fans, putting a sense of almost-certainity schedule.

As for me, the schedule with team names in "paranthesis" pure stupidity on the part of ICC. simple !

well they could have carried on to semi-finals and finals stage with the current ICC ranking with their thoughts.. none of us would buy the pay-per-views , will we

I would take this schedule if cricinfo had published, from ICC being the governing body.. shame shame puppy shame !!! ICC should think b4 they ink.. rather publish !!

cheers !

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