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welcome back our dearest kathbirali apu! pelase tell us and spill the beans on the inside of the women's wing admin/team selection etc. of the bcb! please tell us, sis, if you know something, even it is frustrating, corrupt and bad, please don't shy away, let us know, otherwise we here at BC would remain in the dark as always! we never get to know a dime's worth about our girls' practice, coach movement, league, pitch peference, ground status, home ground, money, their payscale, what do they do other than playing cricket (do they cook all day, raise children, go to schools, or work on building construction, did they breat an arm, are they coming from heavy poverty, are there social/class issues among the team-mates) weakness, strength!

you see kathbirali, there is no publicity/media attention/journalism regarding our women's team!
it is very very important that we fix this weak structure (regarding the women's team development) NOW as it indirectly has a critical effect on our relationship and contract with ICC. all full members countries are required to develop serious(not just a friendly little team as a joke) women's cricket infrastructure/league/standard in their hoem environment! we have got to raise the bar for women's cricket in bangladesh NOW! and i am sure we all know and can see thta developing women's cricket in BD will only bring positive/good cricket sense in the boys that play cricket in BD! it will only further enrich and nurture our cricket culture/environment in BD!

i have a dream! i dream of a day when a BD national cricketer who will go out there regularly to destroy the opposition attack in the international field and in press conference/release we will know that both his mom and dad played competetive cricket for BD! it's burried deep in the root! yeah, that's what i am talking about!
it's about time!
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