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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
ok, anyone played the BF3 beta yet? My roomie downloaded it. I was so excited about this game. I was bashing Black ops all day when I saw the trailers and stuff. But boy, does the beta suck! This game suppose to come out in a month and it's not giving the right impression. I was gonna pre-order from Amazon, now I am not.

I've been playing a lot of Resistance 3 and DriverSF last week ever since I got back. I grew up playing Driver! I LOVE IT
Yeah I'm playing the beta. And yes it has plenty of glitches. Afterall, it's beta. But yes that Operation Metro map is now kinda gettin' boring. Haven't got the chance to play in Caspian Border yet as those server are password protected. But will play it soon hopefully.
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