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Originally Posted by oracle
�Talent, Enamul and the promise of the Under Nineteens�- the Richard Mciness interview.

Q- Naturally there are people who would like to compare you and Whatmore Is there any aspect or style of Dave Whatmore�s coaching that differs from your philosophy?

RM - Dav and I have very different approaches to coaching in some aspects and similar in others. Coaching is an �art�, and different styles suit different players at different levels. Assessing the needs of the playing group is important and then designing training to suit is very important. There is no right and wrong, only consequences. You don�t know if you were right till after the fact with coaching, so you continually learn as you go.

My approach is probably a little more systematic than Dav�s, but that is just because of different personality styles. His record speaks for itself, so it is hard to criticise his methods. He is one of the leading coaches in world cricket. If I ever get to the level he has attained, I will be pretty happy (external motivation).

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Since we are talking about bringing back our favourite coach here is just a prelude to the favourite topic nowadays on the man who we are looking most forward to, Richard Mcinnes.

He groomed our boys to be the best and just by looking at the national team it's not a surprise the effectiveness of his training methods. The question is whether he is willing to come back and start the job he started. One thing is for sure, the fans want him, I will now look forward to BCCB to do something about it because all is not lost yet, it's high time they show us who is the boss and start taking bold steps.

Richard Mcinnes for Bangladeshi cricket coach, hell we need him badly after the world cup and the departure of Dav.
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