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Originally Posted by Eshen
You got Mash-Shakib-Miraz to check econ, but you can't win if you don't have wicket takers. In last five years, Fizz and Taskin are the only bowlers maintaining SR around 30:;type=bowling

Fizz is yet to replicate his success at home outside. Less said about Saifuddin's SR is better.
From the link you have posted above

Mash SR 38.2
Shakib SR 37.7
Fizz SR 27.6
Rubel SR 35.7
Taskin SR 31.4

Not sure if I am missing something, but Mash, Shak, Rubel also have strike rate in the 30s. Only Fiz has SR in the 20s. Taskin has lowest SR, but Mash, Shak, and Rubel spend only a few more deliveries to get a wicket compared to Taskin. But among all of them, Taskin has the highest econ rate.

But it can be argued that since Taskin has a slightly better strike rate, he also has to spend a little more runs for each wicket he earns, and thus higher econ rate.

Strictly stat wise, all the above bowlers are same more or less.

But whenever I think of Taskin, the images that comes to my mind are three (1) short ball (2) getting hammered for boundaries more often than not (3) baby face. Thus no Taskin in my team.

I wish I had access to smart stat tool to further analyze the inclusion/exclusion of Taskin
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