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I don't support briging back older players, but since Bulbul hasn't retired officially, so we have the chance to bring him back for just one series, in particular, against the series in India, for both the test and the ODI series.

I think I have said this earlier that Bulbul plays his best against the Indians - its like killing 2 birds in 1 shot.

It'll give Bulbul a proper chance to retire, but the other thing is, we'll play better than we have been playing so far.

And besides, if Habibul Bashar doesn't get fit, or is injured again (here's this new line of thinking - when a certain player of ours is injured, it seems that his/their recovering time - full recovery time is way too longer for us to handle) then we can give Bashar's place to Bulbul.

I mean, what will happen if Bashar can't play in the 2nd test? Will we play as badly as we've been? I don't know if anyone has noticed it or not, the margin of defeat for us against the Kiwis this time AT HOME is greater than those 2 test defeats in New Zealand during rain. So why just sit around and do nothing?
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