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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
If it was wise to agree to wagers with someone you know is not honest enough to keep his end up, I'd have agreed. You can be trustworthy and still be a douche.

So I must decline your offer because there is very little chance of your keeping your end of the bargain.

That being said, a wager is an unnecessary formality. What would prevent you from logging on here and rubbing it in my face if BD loses the series?

I'll say it again, in case anyone missed it...BD to win the Test series vs SL in 2018, hopefully 2-0.

Even if I'm wrong, there is no reason to be embarassed when the opportunity to clap back at IndYeah presents itself.
So in the words of Jerry Seinfeld - you claim that you can win the race, but you "choose" not to run.

And yeah, when BD play SL, and I remember this little exchange, I will be sure to rub it in your face.
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