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Originally Posted by omio
Dhakay jegolo ache tara holo num -1 lazy, ogular dara kisu hobe na mone hoy.. ..
ja korar dekhi amader korte hobe..
Afrina, apni ki 1ta list korte parben jara BD te thake, then we will pm them abt get together party..

Omio seems more charged about the Dhaka get together than the UK one !!!!!! Just kidding mate. So omio is implying that Spitfire is number one lazy person. Hehe koi gelo spitfire it is time to spit some fire boy.

BTW, I suggest you guys fix a location,date and time and then pm the members. That way you can confirm how mnay would show up and whether it is possible. But if you wait for everyone to give you their free times then it will be a mess and will take a longer time. Or you can suggest two or three tnetative dates and hold a poll. Just my two cents on the idea.
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