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Hi Arnab,

This is some of the variables that I thought of. Some of them may not be relevant for what you are looking for, but you may want to think about the rest.

Anyway here is my list (not necessarily exhaustive);

1. # of 1-day and 3-day /4-day matches a player plays in domestic cricket
2. # of teams in our first class matches
3. # of tournaments
4. # of players playing these matches cross-classified by their status – i.e. whether they have represented the national team in ODI/test matches
5. I don’t know how this could be done, but if we could know the number of teams that are strong. Meaning, if we have 12 teams may be only, 4 teams are strong enough. So a strong team may be encountering tough opposition only from 3 others, while the remaining 8 may be very soft opponents.
6. It would also be interesting to compare the performance of our national team players at the international level versus the domestic level. You could take the averages and see if there is any correlation. Or one could test if the averages at the international level are significantly different from those at the domestic level. May be, I am digressing here. If you do the hard work of collecting the data, may be I could do some analysis.
7. Income data (or some proxy measure of that) for the fulltime professional cricketers could also be interesting. In order to compare with other countries’ players you could either rank players’ income within each country or scale the data by per-capita national income or something like that.
8. # (rather proportion) of international standard pitches that our players play on
9. Coaching/training available for non-national team players
10. Proportion of international standard Bangladeshi umpires officiating in local matches.
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