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Yes, we need to continue. If we don't than in the future when we try to start it again lots of questions will be raised, better to just work through it. I think for 2013 BCB needs to cut ties with all 7 franchises. Its not like the franchises signed contract with BCB so this shouldn't be a problem. Put the 7 teams up for auction again, and let individuals/company submit offers. I would even be ok with Indian companies buying franchises, they did it in SLPL and that seemed to work. BCB has to sign contract with the owners within a week or 2, none of that deadline change BS. If they can't do it on time, give it to the next best offer.

As for bringing in player we need to go out of our way and get Tim May to come in and look at everything so that they won't advise against BPL. If Tim May gives green signal it shouldn't be a problem getting Bideshi players.
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