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Nice timely article again Miraz, thanks.

Financial security of the first class cricketers is another important issue which BCB must deal professionally. First class players should be able to earn their livelihood through playing cricket, so that they can fully concentrate on the development of the game which in turn will enhance the quality of the domestic cricket.
BCB also should think and work on international player's retirement system ... my comment from another thread ...

Well, I think BCB should plan a system of 'Golden Handshake' which financially help players to retire from National team. Something like a package of money + job + insurance for a certain period, which may help them to find a new career in the mean time. Otherwise it's getting ugly as well as hurting teams performance, since as we can see from Mahmud ( chacha ) era. I think BCB has enough money to plan and implement those package according to players contribution. This way it will be more helpful and easy for both players and BCB in my opinion.
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