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Optimist, did you see Javed's hundred against Pakistan? I don't want to knock it down, it was great. However, Shoaib was definitely out of tune for a large part of that match. When he found his rhythm, we saw what happened to Javed.

Look, I have nothing against Javed. I like him as a matter of fact. But from what I have seen of him, he is clearly uncomfortable when a quick bowler bowls at him. Its alright when they bowl outside the line of off-stump, but when they bowl at him, he is extremely awkward to watch. Did you watch him against Lee? The poor guy just didn't know what to do, he was so out of sorts.

Also, I don't think Sujon made the wrong decision. There is no way he could have known that they would get 4 overs in before a big storm would wash out all but 19 extremely uncomfortable overs at the end. Plus, he doesn't have the seam attack to take advantage of the conditions. He has the spin attack to take advantage of a turning track late in the game. So its pretty reasonable that he wanted to bat first and bowl last.
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