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This country is a serious joke and its unbelievable what country can get away with.

After all the nuke test, flying missiles over other countries, threatning nuclear attacks on other countries, shipping illigal arms + drug trafficking to fellow rogue states and there is not a single boycott of North Korea aside from few useless sanctions.

Oh lets not forget the human rights AND it still comes ahead of Bangladesh and UAE in the top 10 livable countries ranking!!

When South Africa was racist, they got boycotted for 20 years, Iraq copped a invasion + saddam getting hanged for WMD that never existed, Iran going to get attacked any day even though it hasnt got a nuke yet, Zimbabwe, same story - getting boycotted because of Mugabe. Lot of people even boycotted South Korea when they hosted world cup because they "eat dogs". And no proper boycott of NK.

Sorry didnt mean to politicise this thread but global double standard amazes me sometimes.