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Very good interview. Thanks for the input coach.

I met coach RM Jan' 2004 at the Singapore Airport, on my way back from Dhaka to Lax. I thinks coach was meeting his family at Singapore from Brisbane.

Anyway, we had brief talk about coming U-19 WC at BD. And where our youngester stands in comparison to other team. His analysis about our youth and cricket in BD were right on the dot. His input regarding our players diet, exercise, how to stay out of injury trouble and how to play proactive cricket instead of just being reactive was really good.

Mr. RM is very good new generation coach, who brings in lot of new creative concept to our cricket. I like his work ethics, no wonder some of our lazy players are in trouble. I wish coach RM had Mehrab Hossain under his .....Halare Pita..YYa Shida Koira DiTo then we still would've had Mehrab in our National team.
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