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Bhais, I've made it! After making it to the quarter finals in South Africa four years ago (watching Uruguay vs surprise surprise Ghana, the most dramatic finish of the tournament), my World Cup has ended in the first round this year with Portugal vs Ghana, unless I can still procure a ticket to Colombia vs Uruguay at the Maracana. If not, I'll watch at the Fanfest on the beach in Rio, with tens of thousands of other fans.

I like European futbol and so my World Cup has ended prematurely just like that of many European big shots this year. But I don't understand why they are complaining about the heat - the weather was perfect for an outing. Lame excuses, getting what they deserve.

Was lucky enough to watch CR7 score in front of my eyes - I was 6 rows from the ground, 6 of hundreds. CR7's body language near the end was rubbish, to the point where in one instance he failed to return from an offside position during an attack that could have resulted in a goal.

Leaving the stadium made me sad, knowing I'll have to wait at least another 4 years to watch a World Cup game. I can only imagine how the players must feel when their teams get kicked out.

Now, pictures or it never happened right?

Edit: Man, attachments are taking too long. Screw this, I'm on vacation, batteries have been charged, so I shouldn't be here. Pore cheshta korbo!
Screw the IPL, I'm going to the MLC!
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