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Originally Posted by Rifat
Dear SportingBD,

First and foremost, all praises and thanks due to Allah who has given us the opportunity to be freed from Hellfire with his blessed deen(way of life) of Islam.

second of All, may Allah forgive all of us for our shortcomings and mistakes. the following words in the post should be taken with a grain of salt as I am not qualified in the Islamic sciences to answer some of the questions.

With all due respect SportingBD brother, the responses to these very important and serious questions will require extensive research and will not do justice to my tongue in cheek type quick paced responses. I am not a Qur'an expert. There are various sciences one must master before interpreting the Qur'an at will. one such very basic requirement is to master the "fusHaa" a.k.a. classical Arabic which I did take a couple of courses with my local imam Alhamdulillah. but that barely scratched the surface of a vast deep ocean of the knowledge of the Qur'an. Please forgive me If none of my answers satisfy you, However I can at least approach the questions you have in a way In order to understand where you are coming from. The following responses are in no way "official Islamic Response". just a disclaimer!

I would first advise learning Classical Arabic, as it is a necessary component to seriously and genuinely learn about Islam (that is just the tip of the iceberg, as in it is necessary but not sufficient). Do not always rely on English translations. Learn from your Local trusted Imam/Teacher who spent years or decades studying this stuff.

1) The first part of the ayah. Allah subhana wa ta'la wants to highlight the Typical human reaction when they are blessed with goods in life. People tend to correlate success in this life with the pleasure of Allah. some people think that they earned everything, meaning they deserve everything they got(forgetting the fact that it is Allah who gave it to them in the first place). some people often conflate piety with success in this life. The reality is thats not always the case. At the same time, some people also conflate misfortune with someone Allah is not pleased with. This is also not always the case. The truth of the matter is that, the Prophets and the ones closest to Allah always goes through the most severe-est of tests. Not honoring Orphans or taking care of the needy may be a reason for Allah subhana wa ta'la to restrict and withhold from your provisions. It is always a good habit to develop a generous mentality to please Allah for it purifies your wealth and it is a means of expiation of sins and Allah puts more barakah(generous increase/bang for your buck) on your wealth and provisions.

2 &3) The Prophet SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam is the final Messenger. there is to be no more revelation after him. I believe during his lifetime Prophet Isa, (Son of Maryam) (A'laihis Salaam) made du'a to Allah that Allah make him amongst the followers of Prophet Mohammad(SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam). Allah accepted this du'a. Jesus, Son of Mary is to return as a follower of Prophet SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam just like one of us. hence, he would be asked to lead the prayer but himself out of humility would ask Imam Mahdi to lead the prayer(that time may be closer to us than we think close? I can't say only Allah knows the future...but over 95% of All minor Signs have been fulfilled and this is it...).
After his return, for some time, Jesus, Son of Mary will rule the world and he will get married and he will die. He will be buried right next to Prophet SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam. According to Qur'an, remember in Surah Ale-Imran(Chapter 3) Jesus, Son of Mary was not crucified. so he is still alive waiting for Allah's command to descend when it's time.

Read the book "End of the World" written by one of my favorite Modern day Muslim Scholars: Mohammad Al A'refe. It should only cost you less than 40 pounds i think.

4) I personally am not an advocate of Learning Islam from TV channels. I am not saying which is right or wrong. me personally, I would go straight to the source(Qur'an and the authentic teachings of Prophet SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam) and I would learn from my local Imam or a very knowledgeabe Local Muslim scholar whom you trust and can befriend and learn from him on a consistent basis. once Allah subhana wa ta'la grants you a solid grasp of deen, you yourself would be able to make a decision and distinguish between truth and falsehood, right from wrong, deception from clarity, genuineness vs. imposters.
Thank you for your valuable input

Also thanks to Tigers_eye for taking time to answer by PM.

May Allah bless you guys with more knowledge and wisdom.
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