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Originally Posted by aklemalp
Hi Rifat, since you are on the Kathgora, I can ask you anything.

1. How old were you when you first starting following cricket?

2. Have you played any cricket competitively, at age group?

3. Besides BD, what other teams you like? And why.

4. Do you like( or hopeful of) the current crop of young players coming up in the fringe for BD?

5. Do you have an opinion on the state of selecting players who are not performing?

6. Do you think guys who are scoring heaving in the domestic first class scene will ever get a chance at international level?

7. How many more years you think before Bangladesh raise a world cup?

8. BPL needs more teams?

9. How much longer until ESPN starts broadcasting the game in the US, permanently? (You said you work at ESPN)

10. Penélope Cruz or Salma Hayek?

1) ever since I was a kid, I would watch it/follow it. I grew up with it. There were talks within my family to send me to BKSP due to my overwhelming interest. but my family decided to move to USA. After coming to USA, I did not have proper internet until I was about 16. I found BanglaCricket when I was about 18. I just gave away my age

2) no.

3) New Zealand and South Africa. I love NZ. the country seems really beautiful and the people as well. I can tell those guys have very good character and they are very humble. I also love their competitive fighting spirit. South Africa for similar reasons as I have always been a big fan of Hashim Amla. I have also been a huge fan of Afghanistan Cricket. I sympathize with them and their cause and the state that their poor country was in I also admire their resilient spirit.

4) I do not know the future. In terms of Potential, I can tell you five names from the U-19 crop: Afif, Saif, Pinak, Towhid Hridoy, that medium pacer guy forgot his name. from the batch that graduated, Nazmul Hossain Shanto needs no new introduction. Mosaddek is a genuine Batsmen that can probably walk into England Lions or Australian A team. He needs to be handled properly. It would be super shameful if he turns out like Nasir Hossain or Tushar Imran. Mohammad Mithun can probably chip in as he i think is peaking right now. Very impressed with Saifuddin's batting. Abu Hasan, Ebadat guys like them needs that A team exposure/ playing against the very very best. Mehedi Miraz as well.

5) My thing is fairness. If you made it to the national team, you deserve your fair chances. Once you have been tried for 5 matches in a row without any form of meaningful contribution. then you should not feel ashamed if you are kicked out. for example: even though Sabbir failed with the bat in the last match his 24 off 12 was a very meaningful contribution in the context of the match. just based on that alone, I think he deserves at least a couple more outings.

6) They should get chances regardless of their age. Again, this is where A team/ academy team can fill in.

7) How many years did it take South Africa to lift a world cup? How many years did it take New Zealand to life a World cup? How about England?

8) If you have 5 foreigners within each team then BPL can be expanded to include 8 teams. otherwise I think BPL is improving in many areas since season 1.

9. That is not in my control. There are a lot of factors: Public interest in the game, revenue etc...Broadcasting World cup 2015 was a huge success. I think they might do it again for World cup 2019.

10. Salma Hayek!

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