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Originally Posted by SportingBD
ODI our best format, we have been consistent for the last couple of years.

In terms of wins, I think we would rank in the top 4/5 (past few years).

Also, we reached Semis in CT (should give us confidence) doing well in Uk.

We got literally our arse handed back to us against South Africa in the 3 ODIs we played. Even in our own dust bowls we couldn't impress against a fresh Sri Lankan side even though we had more experienced players on our team. Sure we beat Zimbabwe twice if you think that is good enough.

Our performance in the CT2017 was also bad. Apart from that NZ game we were nowhere near beating any other teams. Our CT Semi-Finals can be labelled an anamoly.

We performed a lot better in CWC 2015 in contrast despite 2014 being a bad year for us. So there is always that hope we can bounce back in the same fashion for this CWC, though I am cautiously optimistic.
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