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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
I don't think this is necessarily true. There are Shias who are sufi and Sunnis that are sufi. Sufism is just an ethereal take on whatever aqeedah (faith principle, Sunni/Shia/etc) one already has. So a Shia sufi might believe for example that one can become attuned to the will of the 12 Imams whilst a Sunni sufi might believe the same about the Rashidun caliphate.

For example I know a sufi who follows the Maliki madhab of Sunni Islam (ie he's a sunni), but he's also a sufi because he believes, or at least talks of, things like wilaya, tariqas, etc.

from wikipedia:
Agreed.. I was not clear with the statement but sufism is described below in great/good detail by this NY times article. Also explains why the fundamentalist hate them.
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