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Originally Posted by mufi_02
LOL it wasn't directed at you. But I missed your comebacks! Ah reminds me off the good old days.

And to Tonmoy, no offense intended. You should feel free to share your opinions and theology discussions. I am not even a mod and so my word has little value and can ignore me.

Belated Eid Mubarak to whoever was celebrating. I will be cooking some mangsho this weekend
So why did you mention my name then?

Don't backtrack. And you are still deflecting.

I don't wanna drag past issues, but let us not forget didn't you act all nice and chummy on forum and in Facebook inbox amake okothyo vashay tui tokkari kore rastaar cheleder moton gali galaj kora hoyeche?

YOU thought that since I practice Taoism and follow Buddhist concepts which talk of passivity, peace and killing the ego and being submissive and yielding.... YOU thought I will not react.

YOU thought you could abuse the hell out of me and my hands would be tied. Don't for a moment think we don't see through it all.

You act all nice and the moment you gain my trust, you lash out and make personal attacks either sub rosa or publicly in passive-aggressive manner. I wish you the best and hope you get therapy as this is a classic ploy of narcissistic personality disorder.

I am an a---- but at least I am consistently an a---- and don't hide it.

Not only that but Zaved also partook it in. And it's only because of my stance on Islam. Not only that - and damn right I am publicly calling out Orpheus/iDumb- why is it that he always strategically picks fight with people who has "Islamophobia"?


And God knows who else. This is a strategic, concentrated concerted effort to subtly bully people whose ideas you dissent and the plot and machination of which takes place in BC "meetups". I brought it numerous times in PM to mods's attention but sadly it fell into deaf ears.

Only person I am letting off the hook is Roman. Something tells me the dude don't wanna partake in libel, backbiting and slander.

And you still haven't apologized for it.

Tell me Mustafa, is that how a Muslim carries himself? I ask.

Edit: Water under the bridge. Past is past. I return here in peace.
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