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Originally posted by Hatebreed

I think you're right coz I don't remember any ananda confectionary there except the one in BAF shaheen school.. tell me if I'm correct, was there a collapsible gate on the staircase adjacent to the restaurant? that's the one I'm talking about..
Well, there were couple of restaurants in PG, but those were kind of inside the building among the longish pharmacy stores with rather regular restaurant like setup and not like open-to-curb convenient-store-look jump-in-from-rickshaw type like Kohinoor. As far as I recall, there was this narrow dark entrance with collapsible gate somewhere near Kohinoor. But then the name might have changed by this time, it's been over 6 years since I had been there last time. Or may be the change had taken place at an even earlier era, aka Zunaid bhai era.

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