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Originally Posted by akabir77
All I can say is Most of us have a 2nd bday because of the school system? Am I right?
I don't know where u got the 19th date and no one says anything about that. Where ever i hard the issue being discussed they all say she have 3 badya one is 15th one 19th and the other by certificate but when i ask the same people where they found the 19th one they can't answer maybe sydny bhai can answer me. I know you mentioned in biography but that could be typo, have anyone came forward and said that they have the proof from some where about the date(I am thinking somebody must have recorded the interview while making the biography ...)
I am not trying to attack anyone just trying to pursue the issue here.
mate..i dont hv a hard proof on my hand, but i believe it was referencing on the publication of her biography after she came in power in 1991 election. now up untill AL declared 15th of August as a national holiday when it was thier turn to govern the country, no body heard of 15th August as Khaleda Zia's birthday.

im sure there will be some copy of her old biography somewhere out there. if anyone does, please come forward and validate the statement. mind u, it has to be the one published during 91-95. cuz im sure in her recent books, she has 15th August as her so called birthday.

I am NOT an AL follower or supporter, neither of BNP.

But it really frustastes and angers me to see the lack of respect and recognition of The Father of Our Nation, Bongodondhu Sheikh Mujibor Rahman. For all he has done for our country ( prior and during the liberation war), he deserves way much more than what he is credited and viewed as.

Personally, he is a HERO to me and would always remain like that.
Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest [Al-Qur'an,13:28]
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