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Originally Posted by Sydney
but how does Junichiro Koizumi makes the list of "worst" leaders? i dont think he has done anything that bad, yet.
Koizumi is considered as another puppy of Bush. May be that is the reason. To me, he is a nationalist who is bounded by Japan's pacifist constitution. He send soldiers to Iraq just to flex his muscle - a step of getting rid of Article 9 of japan's constitution. Initially, it pleased USA, but it might lead to get rid of Article 9 (which USA does not want, but he already set the precedent)
Why Blair is there? Is he a world leader? He is the vicoroy of USA in the UK. Not a world leader. Same goes to Musharaf or according to Pakistani sites Bushaf and Howard.
If Monmohon singh is there then Lula of Brazil. They may be big player in regional politics but not in world stage.
Castro hmm. I am big Castro fan. But I think, world recognize him just because he is winning a battle againest the superpower. In the same regard, venezuellan president would be there. He would be the torch beared of Castro. In the same regard Kim jong il he is just trying to be in the spot light by barking once or twice in a month.
Putin is flexing his muscle to return the good old days of USSR. He may not be western press favorite but seems to be a logical one.
Chirac, what on earth he did to be in this list? To me he is a genuine world leader.
The western press is portaying Ahmednizat as an evil. But I have doubt. If i was in his position, I would do what he have done. Come on your enemy is occupying your neighbor. So you would do whatever to safeguard your country. If this mean building/buying Nuke, then lets do it.

Khaleda Zia does Bush know there is country call Bangladesh and her prime minister is Khaleda Zia.
Putin, Chirac might know. But they do not give a damn.
We are now nobody in OIC let alone world stage. But once we beat mighty Japan to get elected in security council. This may be a barometer how far got down
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