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Originally Posted by adolf_hitler
Maybe their nations isn't respectful at all. Jamon shorkar tamon public. Ignorant, selfish, war-monger, devalues human lives with such people living in white house, kremlin and kiribilli people says Hitler is the worst criminal of all time.
sorry man..but cant agree with ya..
even our BD govt did nothing but some protest and condemnation. does that mean we r on their side as well?? the answer is NO. its just that most of the world ( and i say 98.99%) is powerless to USA. and for countries like BD, we dont even count.

and for those who does, like UK, Aus, they r busy calculating thier profit out of the whole deal. after all, they r all the same ppl u know. always remember, shada shada christan christan bhai bhai oikko porishod. no matter what happens, at the end of the day, they r all mates.

and when the ppl elect their govt, its not based on ONLY 1 factor, ie in this case the iraq war. there r soo many other domestic issues to be considered that sometimes the govt get away with it. i know the majority of the Ozzies opposed the war, as in other countries. too bad the govt had a diff say.

i dont know where u live. sounds like u live in sydney as well. if u remember the protest on march 2003 before the iraq invasion, u might hv a different idea. i hv personally never seen so many ppl coming out and protesting on the street. there were almost a million ppl in and around hyde park in a city with a population of only 4 milion.

blaming the citizen of the country based on what their govt is doing is probably not the best way to define them.
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