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Originally Posted by adolf_hitler
Sydney, I understand your point of view. But I think you failed to see what I meant.
mate, i completely understand your point of view and i completely agree with ya. i hv asked those questions to myself over and over again. and then im stopped. and u know what i realised ( may be im wrong)

see, some of these folks do ask themselves and realise what's going on with the world. but they r as much powerless as u and me. lot of them hv feel bad, but hey, they got a family to feed, mortgage to pay, kids to raise and bills to pay as well, like rest of us. so when electing a govt and trying to solve Iraq's problem, they rather look at who's gonna give them a better economy, a less frequent rise in interest rate,control the inflation, manage to keep the unemployment number lower etc etc etc. plus what's happening to the Muslim and Arab world is not directly affecting their life.yes, there r few bomb and security threats, and most of them got used to living with it. so when few innocent civilians die (of their own), which happens once in a blue moon compared to Arab world, they r not physically moved by it!

just a little off topic example, when the Tsunami destroyed Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka, we all felt really bad. a lot of us also donated to charities hoping this money would contribute to the well-being of those ppl. but what else we could do? i wished i cud go there personally and help them, but honestly, it was just impossible for me to do that. im sure many felt the same like me. but no matter how much we felt for them, its still never the same like those who actually went thru the suffering. we might hv donated 100 bucks of our wallet with a heavy heart, but then went on to celebrate the new year's eve !! see, u cant expect them to understand or care bout the Arab world, as much as we can. its just not rationally possible. still a big number of ppl come out and protest against thier own govt.

and why we care so much? because the attack in on US!! our people, our religion our brothers. we feel the pain of neglect, racism, Islamophobia every day. they dont. and u can never expect to understand the same till the day they walked our shoe. no matter how much u try to make them realise, it just not the same.

try go and live on pasta, irish stew,sausage, and chinese take away for a week. u will go by but its still not the same as having ur bhaat, daal, ghorur mangsho, bhuna khichuri, begun bhorta, biriyani. cuz thats appealing to us, thats what our tastebud is made of.

if there is an atttack on Harbour Bridge, my survival here would turn to a battle, even though i hv absolutely nothing to do with it. Me, like millions others, would be subjected to direct racial hatred and what not. im sure u know what i mean, we both r in the same stage here.

[qoute=Hatebreed]Self-owned. What else would you expect BD to do?

It's a bad example. Adolf was talking about people of the powerful nations who do have a say and power to act, and they do nothing. Few activists and demonstrators make little difference when of majority of the population still elect such leaders and pay taxes that go into war. [/qoute]

Remember Iraq invasion in 2003? France, Germany and Russia, who comprises the top 6 economy and military powers in the world, stood against the might of US. but what happened? they ended up licking their own wound. US defied the UN resolution, defied the Veto, defied the international community and went to invade Iraq. the whole world just watched, helplessly, hopelessly.

So, when even coutries like those mentioned above cant do anything, which other world power u talking mate? France, Germany and Russia combined together is still smaller than US in terms of economy, military and social influence around the world.

bottom line is, we can scream our lungs out here, or write endless online blogs bout the issue but its still gonna be Uncle Sam's day. well, atleast for the near foreseeable future. it has to end one day, but not sure if we can get to see that day.
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