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Originally Posted by Sydney
Remember Iraq invasion in 2003? France, Germany and Russia, who comprises the top 6 economy and military powers in the world, stood against the might of US. but what happened? they ended up licking their own wound. US defied the UN resolution, defied the Veto, defied the international community and went to invade Iraq. the whole world just watched, helplessly, hopelessly.

So, when even coutries like those mentioned above cant do anything, which other world power u talking mate? France, Germany and Russia combined together is still smaller than US in terms of economy, military and social influence around the world.

bottom line is, we can scream our lungs out here, or write endless online blogs bout the issue but its still gonna be Uncle Sam's day. well, atleast for the near foreseeable future. it has to end one day, but not sure if we can get to see that day.
I think you misunderstood Hatebreed. Yes France and Germany did go against the war but the not the actual people who could have made some difference. That is the American public.

We have seen from Vietnam war era protest that public voice can have enormous effect. Let us not forget that its the aim of any president may he be an angel or a demon to get elected for second term. Unless you are like Gandhi and refuse office when the top job is offered to you. Bush would overturn any lobby group banging his oval office for a second term, including Israel's lobby, war-mongering oil companies that want oil rich countries invaded.

In my earlier post I mentioned that none is the worse criminal than US public. They are the one who elect Bush for president. And not to mention Bush's brother is the governer general of Florida. I dunno how it works in US but I am pretty sure, its the population of florida that put him there. Thus the Bush clan goes on.

Personally I wouldnt be surprised if Jeb Bush becomes the president withing next couple of elections later.
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