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I don't know why mr Hirtler bhai is saying its american's public fault? but one thing for sure bush won by 49-51 vote so 49% at least shouldn't be considered as putting him to the office. and I am sure on that 51%, 30-35% voted to stop gay marraige and other stuff that was played just before election. its not that plane simple you can genralize like that.
Oh One thing for sure if all the muslim countries was following right thing then we wouldn't even had saddam hossain or any king cause muslims were not suppose to lead by any king, so who's fault is that?
1. Shahadat Hossain: Mufambisi c Mashud; Chigumbura lbw; Utseya c Mashud
Abdur Razzak: P Utseya caught; RW Price lbw; CB Mpofu lbw
3. Rubel Hossain: Corey J A bowled; BB McCullum caught; JDS Neesham caught
Taijul Islam: T Panyangara bowled; J Nyumbu lbw; TL Chatara bowled
Taskin Ahmed: DAS Gunaratne c Soumya; Lakmal c fiz; Pradeep bowled
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