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Originally Posted by Orpheus
THe first and foremost thing in achieving something great is the ability to genuinely believe that you can, without any doubts whatsoever. It is actually a scientifically tested observation, not a philosophical nonsense.
The only problem is neither one of us is playing for BD. So its doesn't matter what we predict. You point is more appropriate to the playing BD players like: So far so good SN, Unkown Tamim, Boom Boom Aftab, Puller happy Bashar, Unproven Sakib, Sir Ash, etc etc.

Originally Posted by Orpheus
Never will there be happy ending in such cases!!
I don't know why you are saying there is no happy ending. There is one i.e. if Bangladesh wins. But will it happen? Thats the real question.

Originally Posted by JamesBond
Lets not fight over it, Just everyone hope that Faza;'s prediction is wrong on 17th and I am pretty sure that Fazal wont mind that either, what do you say Fazal?
You got it man !!!!
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