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Default My mistake, sorry

My mistake, Sumon must be there somewhere.

Also, I don't see any logic in not getting at least one of the oldies (either Bulbul or Akram) in the side now, maybe I was not thinking right at the time of posting my first messege under this topic.

Now if I come to think of it, do the team management / selectors want to try everyone out? If that is the case then the following lineup should be the almost perfect one upto this point unless and until somebody else gives me any other ideas:

1) Hannan - who may be injured So / Seejan
2) Rokon
3) Sumon
4) Bulbul / Tushar Imran - if Tushar Imran is chosen, in place of Bulbul, then I would say that it is a huge move, not sure if he would be chosen over Bulbul
5) Ashraful
6) Pilot
7) Alok Kapali
8) Moni
9) Sumit
10) Taposh Kumar Boishyo / Talha Jubair
11) Monju

This could be a really balanced side in the bowling department - one specialist but yet unseen and untested leg spinner Alok Kapali, A specialist relatively new off spinner in Sumit, The experienced left arm spinner Moni, two new ball bowlers - Monju and either untested Taposh Kumar or already one match playing Talha Jubair.

And in the batting department, we will have one half centurian in the tour and experienced opener Rokon, either an injured half centurian of the tour in Hannan or Seejan - tested but failed against the bounce of the first test's SriLankan pacemen, the experienced and most successful Habibul Bashar, either the second most successful experienced batsman or a huge potential specialist batsman in Tushar Imran who already has a fifty against a team like Pakistan on batting wicket in the ODIs, an out of form Ashraful but the most well-respected batsman in the side by the opposition, Pilot already a proven and successful captain as an individual on the tour, Alok Kapali who is stated to be an allrounder - maybe in the one dayers yet untested with the bat in tests, Moni another allrounder but can do a world of good if gives more attention to his batting, Sumit already proved that he can hit some boundaries if he puts his head in, either Talha Jubair who can bat with patience or an untested tail end batsman Taposh Kumar and last of all, Monju - the experienced tail ender who can also bat with patience.

What do you say about this lineup?
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