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Default This is funny

This is really funny. Specially this bit:

"I guess it doesn't cost anything to talk, especially with one's face hidden behind a monitor."

I guess ALL the teams and managers in the world need to stop making a team out of 15-21 players. Heck, why call 20-30 players for conditioning and have them play practice matches so the selectors can have a last look at who is in form and who is fit.
Just pick 11 players, send them over and forget the rest of the players. Who needs options anyway.
The reason Nannu gets a mention is DUH, didn't he just score 1000 runs in the national league ? I don't think anyone here thinks nannu can play beyond 2003, that is, if he can get a spot. My beef is, he has been kept out of the team for personal reasons, not his ability.
So, instead of HACKING at us innocent fans, I would suggest you deal your own personal problems with a shrink and stop giving us advices. We would really appreciate it.
If this sounds rude to you, please read your own posts first and see how sweet they sound.
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