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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Kabir and others,
"Frame'a ata" joke PM korsilam oita ki asey? Wasn't there the dog stole the lungi?
Yup, here. Had a good laugh after reading it again

This joke would have been better had we were sitting face to face. The accent would Indian bangla.

A boy was walking on gram'er shoru rasta going towards his school. He had a "slet" in his hand. Suddenly ore "dui number" chapsey (hagu). Not finding any place he ran off road in to the paddy field. He was wearing lungi so he had to take it off and left it on the side. In the middle of the process, a dog (neri kutta) came from on where and ran off with the lungi before he could do anything.

Trying to finish his nature call and at the same time looking at the dog which way it was running off that was hard. Finally he finished and strated running towards the path where the dog went. He could still see the dog at a distance. While running he was holding the "slet" in between his legs sheilding his crown jewels. he could see the dog was running in to bazar.

In side the bazar he was asking everyone have you seen a dog running with a lungi? More like "Apnara ki kutta douratey dekhechen ki? After repeating so many times and running he got tired and started asking dekhechen ki? People kind a knew what he was asking and pointed towards the way the dog ran.

trying to keep up and focusing on the dog he fell on a rock. He quickly jumped up and continued. Little did he know that his slet broke and he was holding on to the side frames only.

he still kept asking dekhechen ki? dekhechen ki? A bod lok (like Sadi/ATMR) suddenly said, dekhechi kintu erokom framey atta dekhi ni!!
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