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Default Ruled by...

I think the people of Iraq are better off being ruled by the US then another dictator like Sadaam or any royal monarch.

Is it so bad for a country to be rebuilt by the US?? Look at Germany and Japan - two countries that were devasted after the WWII- and how quickly they rebuild themselves with the help of western countries including the US to be two of the most powerful nations (economically) in the world. And let's look at Afghanistan. Is it better or worse off now than they were under the Taleban regime?

nasifkhan arn't you currently living in the US reaping the benefits of democracy, justice and equality and exercising your right for free speech? God forbid you happen to be an Ahamadi living in Bangladesh or in the Middle East. Oh I probably would have been executed if you were found in a place like Saudi Arabia - a country that is seen as a bechmark for all Muslim socities around the world! To all the religious scholars in the forum: please don't know reply saying we shouldn't judge the religion by looking at Saudi Arabi... because I just made the point above.

Some of you maybe of the opinion that Iraqis will be forced to adopt western opinion is that: hey if that means the people of Iraq will be prosperous then let them decide what values they want to adopt. Most Iraqis live in virtual poverty and if they have to put food on the table by adopting different way of life then let them have the choice. I'd rather swallow my inherited morals than hear my belly cry.
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