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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
How many times did Bangladesh win against India ? Bangladesh has played 26 times against India and lost 15 of them. Bangladesh could only manage to win 3 times since 1978. Can you remember when was the last time we beat India ? Yes, 10 years back in 2003. India is playing in Asian Cup Football whereas we are still struggling to go through qualifying rounds. Now, India don't even send their National team either in SAFF, most of the players are from Under 23. So, don't only go by ranking, they can be deceptive sometimes. Nepal may be 170 ranked team but they are pretty strong on their own soil. Looking at recent results, Bangladesh will be the underdog in this tournament. Well, that's my view, you can have your own.
Your stats back you up but I still wont term them as "mighty". Japan or Korea would score 6/7 goals easily against us and I call them mighty. We certainly give India a much harder game and we even beat them several times. So winning against them is not impossible.

Looking at their side I think they are sending the main team this time. I still hope we can bet them though . A couple of decades ago we were the arch rivals in the sub continent.
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