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Originally posted by chyicarus
i actually challenge the cricketing knowledge of some of the forum members who "likes" biddyut's batting. As far as what I've seen, Biddyut has very critical problems in his technique which can't be fixed at this stage. And when he's opening the batting, its out of the question. I think he should continue to play domestic cricket and then slowly fade away.
If you see his batting technique, his intial movement is outside "LEG STUMP"- which is a blatant mistake in batting! It seems like he's afraid of batting against bowlers like Collingwood's pace! The way he got out to some of the Zim bowlers in Zim- was appalling. I dont care how much criticism but i don't think he deserves a place back in the squad!
I agree with you. Our current opneners have much better technic them him/opi. If u watch the pak bd match from WC99 u will notice how many time they have tried to connect (khocha) the ball and failed cause their techniq was so bad that they couldn't go close to the ball also luck helped a lot too.....

And that's why we saw sudden increase of our batsmen getting out by khocha as their etcniq improved and they started to get to the ball and able to khocha it to the slip...
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