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Lance_Kluesener's idea of playing Kenya and Zimbabwe to boost Bangladesh's ranking is completely the wrong way around.

Bangladesh need to play strong teams. They got more out of playing India and Australia than a mere two wins. They got respect.

Right now, Bangladesh have the reputation of a young, talented, inconsistent side that can knock you over if you arent careful.

Tour everywhere. Tour until the money runs out, then write "ICC" on the bill. If a county wants a Bangladesh player, let them have them. If a club wants a Bangladesh player, send them. Heck, I'd be seeing if any school wants a 16 year old wicket keeper who's played at Lords.

But keep playing strong teams, and keep blooding young players.

Send Shahadat to the West Indies. Send Enamul Haque Jr to Australia. Send Aftab anywhere.

But send people to where they can play on different conditions, against different opponents.

And keep touring.

Ian Whitchurch
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