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Dear Friends,
lets make the debate an end. I never said Tikolo is a cheap stock. He is definietly a good player but my opinion is he is no way near to be considered as great. Everybody has got their own opinion and I have mine.

Tikolo proved his worth while playing for Kenya and he has got plenty of opportunity before 2003 and thats why he is a racehorse of 72 ODI. What happened after 2003 is unfortunate. he was considered as the best batsman outside test arena when Ashraful, Aftab and others have not really emerged. But technically Aftab and Ashraful is more capable as a Batsman but they lack consistency thats true.

When I am saying better I am considering present time not the past. I may be wrong according to you but I beleive many faces in the cricket world will be in line with me.

When Aftab and Ashraful playes their natural game they can be compared with many great players in world cricket. They really do dominate the ball. lets hope they get matured and put value in their wicket. Bangladesh win against major teams will be quitre regular in that case.

Nice to have some discussions with you. If any of you is hurt i simply apologise.

Enjoy the game of cricket.


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