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here's the continuation:

37. cant make up my mind Jawed Karim-key dibo kina because he is not born in Bangladesh (he's a co-founder of youtube and filthy rich, only 28 years old)
39. Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri ?
40. Meghnad Saha?
41. PC Roy?
42. Abul Hussam [he's in]
43. Irene Khan?
44. Khan Jahan Ali
45. Suchita Sen?
46. Monica Ali? (we don't want an ekgheye type of list from one discipline but rather an assortment from different fields with sepcial emphasis on modern ones)
47. Hason Raja?
48. AK Fazlul Haque (multi-talented) [in]
49. Atiśa Dipankara Shrijnana [in]

and finally, just for fun
50. Jazmin? (plz do not wiki her if you are fasting)
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