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Professional thread as usual Ob bhai. (Not to confuse with Obie Trice...)

Before the script would be:

1. Wait patiently 10 hours till match start.
2. Log on and find streams.
3. See some much awaited boom boom Tamim action if bats.
3/alternative. If bowl, hope for early wicket only to see a fast growing partnership from opposition.
4. Loss of two consecutive wickets.
5. Collapse.
6. Bangladesh lose after some flicker of hopes in the middle.
7. Repeat.

Funny thing is after the New Zealand win, the confidence is sky high and it feels even if we curse up 3. and 4. we have an indestructible vibe now.

So the old script is all crumpled up and in the trash bin.

Thank you Tigers. You saved me $$$$ from all the EEG tests.

Amazing what a single match of grit can do.
Omega Man
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