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Originally Posted by wiseshah
agree, they should have atleast 6 foreign players. most indian players are suck.

if u notice all top ten bowlers or batsmen-u will see atleast top 6 or 7 are foreigners. out of 4X8====32 players (who compete with other 64 foreign players to get in main XI)

on the otherside, indian players are 7X8===56 and they dont have much competition to get into main XI

32 players occupy majority of top ten and top 20

while 64 players still struggle and india still dont find perfect combination, so that they have to take IPL non regular wridhdhiman saha in their main XI.
IPL. Indian Primer League. It's suppose to benefit the Indian team. India found some nice talents through last 2 season.

Originally Posted by nahaz
I don't see the point of hijacking the world cricket itenary and then having so many crappy Indian players playing in this league that is supposed to be revolutionary. The quality is not always good due to this very fact, and this will soon start turning the overseas crowd away. It doesn't make business sense either.And the trophy and the names seem to be the product of infants' thinking, or someone creatively dumb like, say, Lalit Modi. If he wants to create world chaos,at least give us something back. What's with insulting (pakistan) and bullying (england)!!!
simple answer to that is they (lalit modi) can. he has the power to. trust me if our board had that much power in world cricket (which i doubt will ever happen) we would have done something like that too. and it is revolutionary, in terms of money. do you think some one like Mash could have earned $600,000 or something close to that just playing cricket for 4/5 weeks. In terms of money cricket players make nothing comparing to other sports like football, golf, tennis. I mean a man of the match player gets $1000. thats like pocket change for some other athletes.
"I was the happiest man in the world, happier than Bill Gates"- Tamim Iqbal
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