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Originally Posted by Donal C
That being said if he genuinely believes that to be the case and it doesnt hurt anybody by all means let him go ahead.

I just think its dangerous, these sorts of shamans and so on often tell people insane stuff and then they go out and act on it in an act of desperation-
Poor guy took blessings from a clergy which is not very uncommon in our part of the world. Now subcontinent media is as pathetic as it gets, they will add spice for dramatic effect and twist the fact like there is no tomorrow, they would make Fox news look like the beacon of truth and hope, if I were you I wouldn't take their articles seriously.

My opinion on the matter is religious people has no moral high ground to ridicule other faiths and beliefs, only true atheists or agnostics can do that although I don't support that either. I myself do not believe in any shamans, priests or gurus but don't judge people based on their beliefs. A civilized society must have space for all kinds of beliefs and dis-beliefs.
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