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Originally posted by sufism
i win against Aus can't change everything.
Maybe not everything... but still it changes a lot. You can really count it as a significant step forward if u believe in 'one step at a time' theory rather than overnight revival.

Observation about the nature and impact of the Cricisms by some analysts
This is my personal observation about all the criticisms that bubble around us all the time taking us to the edge of our patience. As I have seen, there are all sorts of criticismls in all sorts of media.... print-electronic-web... everywhere. Some are done in ruthless manner... some are admirably objective in nature. Constructive criticism always helps someone with an inner vision. But I have found all the negative things to ultimately have lesser effects on the decisions by the ICC itself. That central body of cricket is not a one man show and it has a lot to think about Cricket's Globalization rather than being just snobbish. in the last one and a half years or so.. we have survived , possibly, 3-4 ICC evaluation meetings and that we have done through some convincing performance and not via mercy. And yes.. I don't really think that success in ODI's doesn't mean anythng in Tests.

I am hopefull about Tests also. I don't think it will be too far away when BD will start turning around and put up convincing shows in the longer version of the game also.

Let the harsh critics continue... they have always been there and they will.
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