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Originally Posted by nahaz
I've been following Bangla-cricket website since the start of the World Cup, and it hurt me deeply how people started going off at him right from the middle of the World Cup. I agree he didn't have the form even then, but I just got the feeling people just wanted to see the back of him, even though he led us to the 2nd round.Michael Vaughan never played well in ODIs but he was still there even during the WC coz he supposedly lifts the team spirit.

Same with Bashar. I don't think Bd would have done so well in the WC without being a bonded team.It's a job Bashar must have done well off the field. I think Bashar should retire now from ODIs and captaincy since he's totally lost form and confidence and control/respect of his team (apparently) but I find it totally unacceptable how some people in this forum referred to him as a pathetic loser.I mean com'on, do you think most of us could ever give to Bangladesh in any way how much he has given or gain from life how much he has got.I'd like to hear an argument from those ppl if they wish.

I still remember the days Bashar used to be criticised for being over-attacking,and for missing the centuries. I feel he still has got more to give a a batsman in Tests.And I don't think he's the one who's pathetic.
spot on .

also , as somebody has mentioned ... for the last 2 years , bashar is out of form . i would love to remind him , apart from the WC and the india series , bashar had done pretty weel for the last 2 years . and for your kind information , he has increased his overall career oneday average during this time . and how have you forgot the last test series bangladesh played before the test series with the indians . only 13 month back ... i hope 13 month do not make 2 years . 1st test , 1st day in that series ... shariar nafees and habibul bashar had the most fluent and brilliant partnership i have seen for bangladesh in test cricket .

i think having balanced and nutritious diet will sharpen your memory . thank u .
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