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Default Ashraful

Even though I followed the live commentary where they described Ashraful's fall as pad then bat hit to catch but the report is saying that the ball only struck the pad. It also mentions that this is not the first time that a call went against Bangladesh (we all know what happened).

We should really start to complain about these miscalls. These referees are biased. Batsman always get the benefit of the doubt. So, I consider Vandort's not out as that (twice). Now Ashraful was the batsman. Why isn't he getting the benefit. Under no circumstances, these calls should be acceptable, especially when he is on the verge of a century.

I like cricinfo's reporter. (no he is not bengali) Do you get the feeling that he is supporting Bangladesh. Eventhough the team work is bad, they are impressed with individual effort (it's always different individual in different games) - So, it's not only us - but THEY are also aware of Bangladeshi talents. We, Fans can only hope to have all those talents burst into one game - not at different innings/games.
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