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Originally Posted by Fischer
Has anyone heard from kamal and hasina about the blatant umpiring bias in this game ? I hope they take it up to ICC
Why would anyone be expecting to hear from Hasina? The last time i checked, she was still only the Prime Minister for Bangladesh and not Pakistan as well.

The decision that went against Afridi was an umpring error, albeit a bad one. Its not the only time such mistakes have been made, many a times, Bangladesh were at the receiving end of so many of them.

The uproar about the decisions that went against Bangladesh in the recently concluded WC were not about the on field umpires decisons only, but their RELUCTANCE to go to the 3rd umpire to check for the No ball and also the 3rd umpire not checking all the different angles before giving our batsman out, which should have been the case, hence why Hasina made some comments.
Kamal on the other hand was a plonker and going about like a headless chicken.Also he is no longer the president of the ICC.

So please, go and have a cold shower and stop rambling on about those comments which were fully justified.
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