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Originally Posted by BANFAN
I don't kjow, but I feel confident that we are beating India pretty dominantly and Making our way to Semifinals....

Well it's not merely an empty expectation, I believe we have the strength to beat inda. India has pretty successfully masked it's weaknesses in the group stage, where they werea lmost losing with Zim, if Djoni and Raina their last hope didn't make it. Dhoni is someone, who can fall pretty unpredictably. I guess they didn't face any good batting side or bowling side to put pressure on them in group stage.

Bangladesh will expose their weakness in both batting and bowling tomorrow. The factors that will work against India and will make them lose the match:

1. The Indians will be completely surprised facing us, since they won't expect our batting and bowling to be what it is, since they will expect us to be what bunny and company saw us not so long ago.
2. They will be over confident, they are charged to do more than finishing a game professionally due to all the hype created to prove a point against BD which will create unforced errors from them,
3. Their bowling will be negotiated and ultimately blown by our batting, after what we faced against Newzealand in a much more hostile conditions.
4. Their batsmen will try to power our bowlers out and Faulter (No 1 Cause)
5. If we can take just 2/3 top order wickets, They can't hide their weakness in such high pressure game, so they will be exposed today.
6: With their bowling, if their opening pair is smacked hard, they will not know what to do...irrespective of the por bowlers, they are relatively inexperienced and bowling in unfavorable conditions...than what NZ I see a huge possibility of destroying their bowling ..

When they will realize, I'm sure they won't be able to rescue the game anymore...

We have a team now and the team talks with media has been extremely balanced so far. Their approach to a big match has been pretty normal in their attitude, they behaving consistently like another game, unlike the past.. so im sure, they will play pretty cool cricket without any pressure, with both bat and ball. They will finish the game pretty surgically to win it....

So Having thought over the entire situation pretty peacefully, I feel we have a bigger chance of winning against India tomorrow...guys we will Inshalah make it to SF tomorrow.

I can see all the signs of having a fantastic match from BD perspective....I'm not over hyping, if the signs are not artificially presented, the team will play just normal cricket and the proven performers we have in the team with bat and ball, is clearly enough to beat a Inda under pressure.
I feel that too....I can see victory here. no matter what happend.....just keep belive in them....go tigers go
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